The ‘F’ Word.

Feminism. Probably not the first F word that popped into your head when you first read the title, but just as controversial as the one you did (probably, unless you thought of fries, in which case I like where your priorities lie.)

Feminism is surely a hot topic these days, yknow with the rise in social media and what not. It’s cool to like it, but it’s suuuper edgy to hate on it.

I’m not writing this to educate you on what it is, or to try and persuade you into being a Feminist (though like, c’mon man, geez.) but simply to state that I strongly identify as one.

Feminism, to me, is far beyond ‘equality of the sexes’. Feminism is a lens through which we can understand and deconstruct the world around us, and the institutionalized power structures that operate in it and make us lead the lives we lead, and face the challenges we face. Feminism is an ideology that aims to, well, smash the patriarchy. No, it’s not about hating men, but rather about critiquing the social structure we live in, debunking the gender binary and of course, heteronormativity.

When I first read about it in 11th grade, it rocked me to my very core, and ever since I haven’t been able to look at the world the same.  The construction of gender in society impacts our lives in the subtlest and harshest of ways, it confines people of every gender and stifles their potential. Hence, Feminism is important and that is why I am a feminist.


So, I was over the moon when Kira Issar (IG:Kiraissar), a rad artist sent over a bunch of feminist stickers designed by her. I mean who doesn’t love accessorizing with stickers right? And if you’re going to do it, you might as well make them mean something, make them represent something you stand for.

They have really cute slogans, my favorite being “Eye rolls for gender rolls” (am i ritee?)


I chose two different looks for these because, there’s this stereotype going around about what feminists are and what they look like, and well it’s all a load of bull.

There’s no one way of being a Feminist. As long as you call the patriarchy out on it’s hogwash, join the club!


So go ahead, liberate yourself! Be more accepting of everyone around you and what they choose to do with their gender identity, body, or life. After all, this ain’t American Idol and you’re not Simon Cowell. So quit judging.

A huge shoutout to Kadambari for sending these badass stickers over, I can’t wait to plaster them all over everything I own.

That’s all for now, folks.




White Dress – H&M

Fuzzy Slippers and Black Boots – Forever21

Nose pin- Quirksmith

Flannel – Sarojini Nagar

Photography – Thejaswini Chandran




The Fake Librarian

Turns out I need to be lying half- dead in bed with fever for me to actually put up pictures on this blog. These are about a month old and long overdue so here ya go.


This is a super cute outfit that reminds me of something a stereotypical librarian would wear. And what I love about it most is that it consists of 50% hand-me-downs.

If y’all know me, you know I’m a sucker for good hand-me-downs. It’s the best way to get really cute unique pieces of clothing.

So I’m wearing a hand-me-down white shirt (don’t ask me where it’s from, it’s ancient) and with a navy blue cotton knit jumper I got from forever21.


My favourite part of this outfit is the gorgeous linen maxi skirt I’m wearing. It’s a hand-me-down from my aunt (it’s from Fabindia) and it’s almost as old as me I think. But it still looks as good as new (shout out to the old Fabindia that actually had some good quality stuff am i rite??)


On my feet, I’m wearing some net socks and a very cute pair of mary janes I got from Payless. THAT’S RIGHT, KIDS. PAYLESS. Keeping an eye out in the crapiest of stores can find you some of the cutest things yknow.

I’m also wearing a pair of silver rimmed round glasses that I picked up off commercial street for 100 bucks. What a steal. I love wearing glasses (even though I don’t need em) so these guys come in handy. I’m also wearing some navy blue lipstick I got from Nykaa (woohoo go nykaa!!!) and carrying my trusty black leather backpack from Forever21.

So that’s all for this one. I hope you liked it.



Photo Credits: Thejaswini Chandran.

P.S. How dope is the ruined building this look was shot in? I was in awe.

Gravel Girl


Hi! I’m back (after ages, I know)

So anyways

My friend Theju and I recently had a bit of an adventure (not really an adventure but humour me)

We had to sneak into the “AUTHORIZED ONLY” section of the metro station to take these. Wild, I know.

I really like this outfit, it reminds me of gravel for some reason, and I like gravel.

I really like how it goes with the place too, looks very…. industrial?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yup so I’m basically wearing a pencil skirt from forever21 with a top I got from H&M. I got it because I really liked the zipper, it reminds me of the ones used by UNIF( rlly cool brand, please go have a look if you don’t know who they are) with my trusty black chunky shoes (from Koovs) and some really cute socks I found.



And my adorable banana pin to accessorize.

I’m also wearing this cute septum ring that Theju got me, a backpack from forever21 and ohmygod I found the coolest navy blue and grey lipsticks on Nykaa!!! WIN. Fun colours without ridiculous shipping charges? sign me up!!!

Anyways so that’s all for now, see you soon!



Picture Credz: Thejaswini Chandran



Terrible name, I know but this is literally all about the shawl.

I got this thing at Pahadganj in Delhi for 200 bucks (and I was told that I got scammed so supposedly I could’ve gotten it for cheaper.) What a steal, right?

I mean seriously- get a LOAD of this shawl. It’s gorgeous. And it can make even the blandest outfit look a million times cooler. So essentially, this post is all about proving that point.

I’m just wearing a plain grey crop top (from sarojini nagar- again, it was a goddamn steal) and a pair of ripped jeans from Forever21.

We can all collectively agree to ignore the belt though. I’m just wearing it because my pants are really REALLY big for me.

Some red lipstick and black chappals for a casual outfit.




So basically, bring shawls back! You get to look totally cool while being very warm.

Until next time,


Shawls. (and Kavya)


Picture credits: Thejaswini Chandran

Short shorts.


A long overdue short post (in accordance with the shortness of my shorts) about this outfit that I documented months ago.

I love mixing the old with the new- hand-me-downs with new clothes, just whatever works.


I’m wearing a blouse that I got at some random export place, ripped shorts from H&M, “vintage” juttis that have been in my family for years, really.( I think I’m the 5th person to get them in the hand-me-down chain) and gorgeous Afghani silver earrings that are my mum’s (She tells me they were bought from the silver shop in The Leela Palace, Bangalore and refuses to be more specific so there you go).




That’s all for now folks!



P.S. Huge shoutout to my amazing friend Thejaswini Chandran for taking these. ❤

Unnecessarily Gendered Clothing


Warning: This post is going to start off with a rant.

For starters, this post is long overdue. Literally. These pictures were taken ages ago back when my hair was still coloured but anyways, none of that matters. Here it is now.

I’ve been thinking for a while now about what to call this post, and certain recent events lead me to name it what I did. I know it seems unrelated but bear with me. So I was out shopping today, and I went to the Muji store (!!!) where I was having a look at their range of rather adorable socks. But just when I reached for a pair, I had not one, not two, but three salespeople pounce at me to warn me and say,” Excuse me madam these socks are for men.” I was aware they were for men, but does it really matter though? Especially when it comes to socks?! Now, I am of the belief that no piece of clothing is gendered and that may be too extreme for some, but do these things really apply to things like a pair of goddamn socks?! Ridiculous! It was a reminder of how deeply ingrained this little thing called ‘gender’ is in us and just how scary that is.


So coming back to the point, this incident reminded me of when I bought the shirt I’m wearing in this post. Yes, it’s a shirt and not a shirt-dress. I bought this linen shirt with light pinstripe detailing from the men’s section of fabindia for the simple reason that it was cute and on discount (mainly because it was on discount). Of course I had to get it in a really big size because I intended on wearing it as a dress. But even then I had people from the store staff telling me that it was meant for men and giving me stares. Well, I consider myself to be a girl and it looks pretty good so I guess it isn’t meant just for men after all eh?

I accessorized it with a chunky necklace from splash, a sling bag, a pair of silver coin earrings from anokhi and my white slip-ons from H&M.

So remember kids, you can get a good bargain anywhere. Even if its in the “men’s” section of a store because guess what? It doesn’t matter.


Wear what you love! Until next time’s awfully delayed post,

Lots of love,


Photo credits: Ananya Tripathi

Sorta 70s?

Hey kids!

I know I’ve been gone for a while, which isn’t cool but hey, no one tells you how hard doing this stuff us! Finding photographers and matching schedules all while simultaneously tryna get a degree isn’t easy. So I had to take attention away from the blog for a while but oh well. I’ve got a new post for you!

Today I’ve got for you a very retro 70s inspired look with little hints of 90s fashion in it too because why not? It features one of my favourite pieces of clothing that I own, my thrifted denim jacket with patchwork. Here’s a glance at the look before I talk more about it.


Denim Jackets with bright patchwork, A-line skirts (especially suede ones) and round “Lennon” glasses were all the rage in the 70s. So I just had to incorporate all those elements in this look.

My quintessentially 70s jacket has gorgeous patchwork on the collar, the front and the back. I have this jacket with me since I was in the 5th or 6th grade from a thrift shop in Dehradun. So yeah, I’ve had it for around 8 years now? and it was already previously owned but it still looks as good as new!

I paired my jacket with a plain white camisole that I got from Fabindia and a very cute, very 70s A-line suede skirt that I got from H&MIMG_1874

Since I clearly wanted to go all out with the whole 70s thing, I decided to part my hair down the middle, which I’m not necessarily comfortable with but, yknow, you gotta do it for the aesthetic sometimes. Speaking of aesthetic, look at theseee.

I accessorized this look with a pair of round yellow sunglasses (just like the ones John Lennon immortalized.) which I borrowed from a friend, but I did some digging and apparently you can get them on amazon so if you like ’em, you can get them there. Now, you may think I’m wearing a string choker, yknow the ones that Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and the likes have brought back in recent times, but guess what? I don’t have a string choker. So I had to make do with what I had, in this case, a string or “nada” if you will, from a black salwar. NO JOKE.


sad w8in



By now, I bet you know that I’m lowkey 90s trash at heart so how could I leave some of that behind? So to add a touch of one of my favourite eras, I’m wearing my chunky black shoes from Koovs (that I got for JUST 650 BUCKS because sales are beautiful!!) and frilly white socks from Forever21 . I’m also wearing my Jack Skellington pin (a character from one of my favourite 90s films- The Nightmare Before Christmas) that was a gift, and sadly its from Disneyland. 😦 I’m carrying a black leather backpack that I borrowed from a friend to add some edge.



hi there jack!!


And there you go, thats all for this post. Remember kids, thrifting is good for you!! Especially if you want to add some unique one of a kind pieces to your wardrobe. Oh, and make do with what you got. If you like it, wear it!


Patchwork Jacket: Thrifted

Suede Skirt: H&M.

Chunky “grunge” shoes:

Frilly socks: Forever 21.

Camisole: Fabindia.

Bag&Sunnies: Borrowed.

A huge thank you to my immensely talented photographer buddy Ramya Shankar for taking these gorgeous pictures! So much love <3.

I hope you guys liked this post! I had a lot of fun putting it together. Until next time!

Lots of love,

Kavya. xx


1×3- Black Dress

Processed with VSCO

Hey! I’m backK. Now, the pictures for this post were taken quite a while back, like over half a year back (hence the very different hair), which goes to show you just how long I’ve been thinking about doing this.

I’m back at it again with the bodycon because who said only the Kardashians could wear this stuff? I got this black striped midi bodycon dress from Zara (during the sale, duh) for around Rs.1000, which was a pretty good deal in my opinion.

Processed with VSCO

curves fo dayz

As you  may know by now, I love budget fashion and I love wearing the heck outta things. I like buying pieces that can be styled in different ways to make new outfits and this dress was perfect. So here, I’ve styled it in three ways that encompass three very different aesthetics, all of which I love.

But these are in order of my least to most favourite. On we go!

Look 1


For this look, I styled my black dress with a mint green linen jacket (WHICH I LOST. so this is the last you’ll be seeing of it, bye bye little jacket.), tan ankle strap sandals and a mint green bag with a tan strap. This look has an earthy vibe to it, in my opinion and it also looks sort of… serious? The idea behind it was to keep a very uniform colour palette and to keep things simple. This is deffo how my mom would like me to dress all the time.


Mint Jacket: Cotton World

Tan sandals: Forever 21 ( they were for Rs.399, what a steal!)

Sling bag: Sarojini Nagar(Delhi)

Look 2

For the second look, I wore a light denim shirt over my dress and paired it with my bright yellow( or is this colour green? I don’t even know) vans. Ooh and my pink Zombie necklace for a little scene kid throwback.  I’m carrying a grey tote bag too.  Now, for this one, I wanted to keep the main colours of my outfit muted, but add little pops of colour with my accessories and my red lipstick. I think this makes for a fun young street look that I’d be glad to wear any time I go out.


Denim Shirt: Zara

‘Zombie’ necklace: Claire’s

Grey Tote: Forever21

Vans: Vans. (Hahahaa)

Look 3

Now THIS, this is my favourite. I’ve used the dress as a skirt in this one. I teamed up the black dress with a maroon/burgundy oversized jumper, a black velvet choker, and black ankle length boots. I’m also wearing white frilly socks, which are adorable, if I may say so myself. To finish the look off, I’m carrying a black sling bag and wearing my round sunglasses. My maroon lips tie in with the sweater.This look is clearly very grunge inspired and totally does justice to my hair.


Jumper: Thrifted

Boots& Socks: Forever21

Bag: Paprika

Choker: You Shine

Sunglasses: Brigade  road.

And there you have it, one dress styled in three very different ways. I hope you liked at least one of the looks and are inspired to work your clothes in different ways and give them new life with each wear.

Pictures taken by: Aarushi Chauhan

 Until next time.

Lots of love,





Fashion “Don’ts”

2016-04-27 10.50.47 2.jpg

All my life, I’ve never really fit in- from the way I look to the things I like, and though over the past few years, I’ve grown to realize that being different is more of a good thing than a bad one, the thought of putting myself out there still fills me with immense anxiety. Nonetheless, I’m going to do it anyway.

For my first post, I decided to wear something that I’ve always wanted to ,but never had the guts to- a crop top.

The reason why I chose the title I did for this post is because I am fat and fat people aren’t supposed to wear crop tops or anything body hugging, or so they say. Well I don’t know who the hell this “they” is but they sure do sound awfully stupid. I’ve never really liked being told what to do, so why would I let someone tell me now right?

I’ve always been fascinated by fashion- everything about it has always been so amusing to me. The idea of people showcasing their personalities through what they wear or do to their hair just seemed so great. But then as I grew up, I realised that even though the fashion industry is fun, it is also toxic. The creative freedom that one is promised isn’t freedom at all because it has limitations and “rules”. There are set standards of what is considered beautiful and being fat just doesn’t fit the bill.

I’ve surfed through the “Fashion Tips” columns of numerous magazines and blogs, and they all state this one golden rule – if you’re fat, stay away from anything that makes you look fat- and don’t even think about wearing crop tops or clothes that hug your body because those are for people with flat stomachs. For the longest time, I had internalized this , but now that I’m older I’ve realized that it’s absolute hogwash! I’ve learned to embrace my body for what it is and to wear whatever the hell I want.

Processed with VSCO

curves and all

OKAY, moving on to the outfit! My sense of style is lowkey inspired by grunge and street fashion and I think this look represents that perfectly.  Now I don’t really own any crop tops , so I just folded up this adorable t-shirt with tiny stars in half and wore it as one. I teamed it up with a body hugging grey thick jersey midi skirt.

Processed with VSCO

Nice wall, amirite? *insert Brendon Urie joke*

I threw on a denim jacket because they look so good? I absolutely love them. A good denim jacket is a wardrobe staple, in my opinion, and it has the power to make any outfit look cool as hell.

I’m also wearing my “DAAAMN DANIEL” white slip ons that I love so so much. Honestly, I am so glad I bought these. They are so comfy and go with almost everything.

Processed with VSCO

Homage to a solid meme.

I’m also carrying my LOVE  light denim backpack, because apart from being convenient, its also just really cute and I think it added another touch of denim to the outfit.

Processed with VSCO

For accessories, I kept it simple with a classic 90’s tattoo choker and my silver nose ring. Ooh and round sunnies! For make-up – I can’t live without my winged eyeliner and I sure do love wearing lipstick, in this case a dark plumey berry tone.

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

Letting that forgotten undercut out in the sun.

                                                                 Top: Scullers.

                                                                    Skirt, Shoes & Choker: H&M.

                                                                    Backpack: Claire’s.

                                                                    Denim Jacket: Levi’s.

                                           Photography by: Anusha Jagannath.(Love u anoosher.)

Ah! That’s all for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it. My message to everyone reading this is – Don’t be afraid to step out of boundaries and wear whatever makes you happy. There is no one set way of “being” and we are all valid and beautiful and the sooner we try to accept that, the better.

Lots of love,


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Shot by: Anusha Jagannath

Hi there!

It’s your friendly neighbourhood emo, Kavya! I’ve been meaning to start this blog for ages and I’m so glad that I finally have. I’ve always loved fashion and had an affinity for the quirky and the unconventional. Since I’m a student I’m constantly trying to find a balance between stylish and affordable.The basic idea behind this blog is to document some of my outfits that I love. I hope people enjoy it as much as I do.

Lots of love,